Find a More Upscale Restaurant Experience Near Forbes, NSW!
IKON @ Hotel Gracelands is a popular venue for wedding receptions, conferences, seminars, family parties and other events.
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Find a More Upscale Restaurant Experience Near Forbes, NSW!

Coming up empty in your search for boutique or chic restaurants in Forbes, NSW? Luckily for you, less than 35 kilometers north you can find IKON @ Hotel Gracelands. This beautiful, upscale restaurant and event venue in Parkes, NSW has only been open since February 2013. However, in the short amount of time since the IKON restaurant and wine bar opened its doors, it has become one of the most acclaimed and revered restaurants in all of NSW. Whether you live in Parkes or down in Forbes, this is one restaurant that you need to experience for yourself.


A Quick Drive to the IKON Restaurant from Forbes, NSW

If you are thinking about making a reservation at IKON @ Hotel Gracelands, but are hesitating because of the time it will take to get from Forbes to the restaurant in Parkes, let your worries be assuaged. At most times of day, the drive from Forbes to Parkes is an easy 25-minute jaunt up the A39!


Furthermore, it’s easy to make a reservation at IKON, to make sure you will never have to worry about making the trip up to Parkes only to find that you can’t get a table. Make your reservation now, either by calling IKON on (02) 6862 6236 or by filling out the form on their website. You can find the ‘Contact Us’ form at


The bar at IKONS @ Hotel Gracelands opens each day, Monday through Saturday, at 5:30 p.m., with dinner service beginning at 6:00. The restaurant is located at 7-9 Bushman Street, Parkes NSW 2870.


A Superior Restaurant Experience

So why let your search for the finest restaurant in Forbes, NSW take you north, all the way to Parkes and IKON @ Hotel Gracelands? Between the stunning architecture and striking interior décor of the restaurant itself, the delicious and varied food menu and the dynamic wine list, this is a restaurant that specialises in offering something that is just a little bit nicer and classier than the norm. IKON @ Hotel Gracelands was built and planned with a boutique or chic dining experience in mind, and that’s precisely what you will get there.


Unsurprisingly, IKON @ Hotel Gracelands is a popular venue for wedding receptions, conferences, seminars, family parties and other events. However, IKON is first and foremost a six-day-a-week dining establishment, and you won’t find a more memorable restaurant in Forbes, Parkes or anywhere else in the area. Whether you are planning a dinner for a special romantic occasion (anniversary, marriage proposal, rehearsal dinner, Valentine’s Day, etc.), or just a night out on the town, the first item on your list to check off should be getting a reservation at IKON @ Hotel Gracelands!


Are you interested in learning more about IKON @ Hotel Gracelands? Check out their website today, at There, you can take a look at the dinner menu, review the wine list, check out what beers are on tap, see pictures of the space, find reservation information and much more.



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