Ikon @ Hotel Graceland is Available for Event Hire and Catering in Parkes NSW and Forbes.
Ikon @ Hotel Graceland is available for event hire and catering in Parkes NSW and Forbes.
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Ikon @ Hotel Graceland is Available for Event Hire and Catering in Parkes NSW and Forbes.

When planning for a higher end event or wedding, create a boutique experience for your guests. The beautiful aesthetic appeal and intimate chic atmosphere of Ikon at Hotel Graceland is perfect for any soiree, party or wedding. Large enough to host even a good size wedding, but still small enough for an intimate gathering, Ikon is the destination to be and be seen! Available for event hire, Forbes and Parks, NSW parties, weddings and other celebrations will always be exceptional at Ikon @ Hotel Graceland. We can handle it all.


Ikon is a unique experience unlike any other in Parkes that guests will remember and rave about for years to come. Event hire in Parkes NSW has never been easier. Our boutique style environment is intimate and chic, while also being spacious enough to enjoy a larger event. We can help make any event the soiree of the season!


Event Catering Unlike Anything Else in Parkes NSW

At Ikon @ Hotel Graceland, our food and drinks are exceptional. Our menu is designed to fit modern Australian tastes. With an incredible selection of wine and drinks, and our chef-designed menu, Ikon catering is always wonderfully sophisticated. With great dishes like our herb crusted salmon or our spicy lamb loin, we have food for every taste, including vegetarian, seafood and meat entrees options available for our guests and for catering. Our incredible food is available for event catering Parkes NSW guests will enjoy no matter the occasion. We are available to cater for an intimate birthday celebration, a large work event, a chic wedding or a conference function.


Ikon @ Hotel Graceland is not just for events. We are here for dining experiences and even just for drinks after work. Our extraordinary atmosphere and food go above and beyond anything else in Parkes NSW. We are conveniently located for Parkes and Forbes residents. Whether you are looking to schedule an event or just for a great place for a romantic date night out, Ikon @ Hotel Graceland can be the perfect destination for all of life’s special moments.


Intimate But Spacious Venue for Event Hire Available at Ikon @ Hotel Graceland

When you hire Ikon @ Hotel Graceland for event catering, Forbes events will instantly become more sophisticated and chic. Our exceptional food and drinks are expertly prepared. We can provide incredible catering, no matter the size of your event. Our location is large enough for a good-sized event, while still being cosy enough for an intimate feeling. We can fit larger events than many locations in Parkes, but we also have smaller spaces available for smaller events as needed.


When you plan an event for Parkes NSW or Forbes, we know there are several options to consider. But most of the larger auditoriums in Parks NSW lack the personality and style that makes Ikon @ Hotel Graceland special. Several smaller cafes are available, but they lack the space needed for most events. For exceptional event space for hire and catering that can’t be beat, Ikon @ Hotel Graceland is the place to be.



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