Keep Your Guests Engaged, By Finding the Best Conference Venues in Parkes, Forbes or throughout Central West, NSW
Keep your guests engaged, by finding the best conference venues in Parkes, Forbes or throughout Central West, NSW.
Conference Venues Parkes, Conference Venues Forbes, Conference Venues Central West NSW
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Keep Your Guests Engaged, By Finding the Best Conference Venues in Parkes, Forbes or throughout Central West, NSW

Ideally, a conference will be an opportunity for networking, valuable professional enrichment and fun. Most conferences hit the first two points and miss the last, but your next conference or seminar can stand apart from the pack. By holding your next event at one of the best conference venues in Central West NSW, you can give your guests a truly enjoyable experience in addition to a professionally engaging one.


The Best Conference Venue in Parkes

If you are searching for the best conference venues in Forbes, or the best conference venues in Parkes, look no further than IKON @ Hotel Gracelands. We are typically known for wedding receptions and other similarly intimate events, simply thanks to the gorgeous style and classic contemporary atmosphere of our space. However, in the year and a half since we opened our doors, we have also become the most in-demand conference venue in Parkes, NSW!


So why has IKON @ Hotel become such a popular conference venue for business event planners throughout Central West NSW? Quite simply, it’s because we provide a unique mix of size, scale and atmosphere that no other conference venue in Parkes or Forbes can offer.


Consider this: there are two other restaurants or cafes in Parkes that offer a similar atmosphere and style to what we have created here at IKON @ Hotel Gracelands. However, neither of these two establishments can provide the scale and necessary to stage larger functions and weddings. They are, simply, good restaurants.


Also consider this: there are auditoriums in Parkes that provide more space and size for weddings and functions than we can muster at IKON @ Hotel Gracelands. But none of these spaces offer anything like the upscale, boutique, chic atmosphere that you will get at IKON.


The bottom line is this: if you are planning an event for which you need both guest capacity and the flash and style necessary to wow those guests and show them a great time, then you won’t find a better conference venue than IKON @ Hotel Gracelands—not in Forbes, not in Parkes and not anywhere else in Central West NSW.


Schedule Your Conference or Event at IKON @ Hotel Gracelands Today

Are you convinced then your next seminar or conference event needs to be held at IKON @ Hotel Gracelands? If so, contact us today to make your reservation! Because of the in-demand nature of our event venue—as well as our status as a full-service restaurant that operates Monday through Saturday—we always appreciate when our clients book their events as far ahead of time as possible.


If you do want to go ahead with booking our conference venue in Parkes, you can either give us a call on (02) 6862 6236, fill out the information form on our website ‘Functions’ page or send us an email at We will immediately get to work planning your event and putting together a conference that your guests won’t just learn from, but enjoy personally as well!



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