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Related Articles

Make Your Special Occasion Even More Special, with a Venue Hire at IKON @ Hotel Gracelands in Parkes NSW

Whether it’s a rehearsal dinner, a wedding reception, a birthday party, a work-related group celebration, a conference or seminar, a private party or …read more.


Ikon @ Hotel Graceland Provides Unique Wedding Reception Venues for Parkes NSW, Central West NSW and Forbes

Planning for a wedding is a huge task. From the flowers and the dress to the tuxes and the vows, there are countless details to take into consideration. After the ceremony is …read more.


Ikon @ Hotel Graceland is Available for Event Hire and Catering in Parkes NSW and Forbes.

When planning for a higher end event or wedding, create a boutique experience for your guests. The beautiful aesthetic appeal and intimate chic atmosphere of …read more.


Ikon @ Hotel Graceland Can Provide Wedding Function Venues For Brides in Parkes NSW, Forbes NSW or Central West NSW.

Planning a wedding is a difficult task. There are countless details to consider for the ceremony and reception. One of the easiest ways to simplify the planning project is to choose wedding function venues that will provide more than one …read more.


Keep Your Guests Engaged, By Finding the Best Conference Venues in Parkes, Forbes or throughout Central West, NSW

Ideally, a conference will be an opportunity for networking, valuable professional enrichment and fun. Most conferences hit the first two points and miss the last, but your next conference or …read more.


When Planning An Event, Consider the Function Centre and Rooms for Hire at Ikon @ Hotel Graceland. Perfect for Parkes NSW, Central West NSW, and Forbes

When planning an event, the most important decision is where to hold the event. For an event to remember in Forbes, Central West NSW or Parkes NSW, Ikon @ Hotel Graceland is the place to be. For function rooms for …read more.


Find a More Upscale Restaurant Experience Near Forbes, NSW!

Coming up empty in your search for boutique or chic restaurants in Forbes, NSW? Luckily for you, less than 35 kilometers north you can find IKON @ Hotel Gracelands. This beautiful, upscale restaurant and event venue in Parkes, NSW has only been open …read more.


Looking for an Upscale Restaurant or Wine Bar in Parkes, NSW? Try IKON @ Hotel Gracelands

Whether you are looking for a romantic night out with your spouse or significant other, a gorgeous venue to hold a wedding reception or just an upscale spot to grab happy hour beverages after work, IKON @ Hotel Gracelands is the answer. In the 18 months since we …read more.



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